Abandoned by her husband and left with four kids, a mortgage and a huge debt, Sera has to get a job, feed her kids, and track her husband down if nothing else than to free herself of him once and for all. One of Sera’s debts happens to be with Jeff, the owner of a landscaping company who is not only nice, but also pretty sexy. Would he mind if she paid him back in services? He seems nice enough…
The story of Sera, Jeff, and the kids is a story about love, passion, family, friendship, deceit, hardship, and fighting to get what you want. With a colicky baby, a daughter who still misses daddy, and a teenage son who can’t stand the mention of his dad’s name, Sera struggles to pick up the pieces of her broken life while juggling to keep it all together.
Note: If you’re expecting a depressing story line, you are sure to be disappointed. Sera’s story is filled with real life scenarios, family ties and friendships, and sprinkled with a high dose of humor along the way. Share Sera and Jeff’s story, their quirky relationship, and a finale that will stay warm and fuzzy within you for many years to come.