December 2015

Small Town USA yellow 1

Small town living at its best. Meet the Veterinarian, Teacher, Auto Repair Specialist, School Principal, Town Drunk, former Town Slut, Crazy Cat Lady, and absolutely gorgeous and Not-So-Straight Andy, and many more of the residents from this Small Town, U.S.A. population under 1,000 (and growing).

It’s great when you know everyone in town , their family history, when they did something really great.And it’s bad when you know everyone in town, their family history, and when they did something stupid.

Small town living is like living life in a fishbowl and being judged, but it’s also being forgiven because of who you are.

Told with wit and humor, watch the townspeople welcome a new resident, deal with an old resident coming back, and meet the characters that make up this fun and “typical” population challenged community of people you’ll learn to love.

Same characters and different books, follow their everyday life as it happens.

Two books completed, but more to come!