A story of discovery, forgiveness, love, and becoming a family. Told in the present and in the past by the two people whose lives are all about Felicity.

This is the story of Mich, Elyse, and Felicity. Our Felicity begins when a young girl knocks on Mich’s door and he learns she is his almost 14-year-old daughter.

The girl’s mother, Elyse, is a girl Mich met in Italy when they were both studying abroad, the girl who became the love of his life overnight. They both recognize that what Mich and Elyse shared was a once in a lifetime love affair like no other. The two were meant for each other. They clicked, they laughed, they planned, and in their plans there was no mistaking that they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

When Mich left for a week to visit family, neither one wanted to say goodbye, even though their time apart would be short. Everything was fine between them. Nothing had changed. So when Mich returned to an empty apartment and no indication of what happened, or why Elyse left, he is beyond heartbroken: he’s lost, confused, scared, angry, and completely devastated.

There are no clues left behind for why she would up and leave; she took everything she owned. Everything, except only for one unfinished painting; the only painting she ever worked on that Mich didn’t like.

Their daughter Felicity is the product of their love. When she shows up at Mich’s door, neither of her parents know of her plans, and neither is prepared for how this will change them all forever. 

Our Felicity is told by Mich and Elyse. The story goes back and forth between their time in Venice (in the past), and the present time, in the U.S. You’ll hear both sides of their story from their very unique perspectives. And as their old story is told, their new story develops.