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My novels:

Our Felicity:  The story of Felicity begins when Mich learns he has a daughter who is almost 14 years old from a girl who was the love of his life. Elyse and Mich met in Venice, Italy. Their playful banter, great conversations, and common likes and aspirations made them a perfect match. Mich, an architect, was a rising star, and Elyse, was a talented student studying art.
Everything was perfect, and one day Elyse left; she disappeared leaving nothing behind except only for an unfinished canvas of the only painting she did that Mich never liked.
The story goes back and forth between Venice (in the past), and present time in the U.S. You’ll hear Mich and Elyse’s side of the story. Through it all, Mich has to learn to be a dad to a teenager and deal with accepting Elyse back into his life for their daughter. It’s hard to hate someone you still love, and even harder to forgive the person who stole 14 years of your daughter’s life.A story of discovery, forgiveness, love, and becoming a family told in the present and in the past by the two people whose lives are all about Felicity.  338 pages.

The Spoon Tree: A Story of Two Families: This is a story of love and second chances. Of family and loyalty. And, it’s a story about choosing happiness as your guiding light.
The characters in this story love life, family, and really enjoy having fun. They don’t play silly games. They’re mature and sensitive, and they recognize a gift when it presents itself and they cherish it.  Written in five parts, the stories are told by Abby, Laura, and Meg. 442 pages.

The Story of the Spoons:  There’s a place where hundreds of spoons hang from two large trees. Each spoon is tied to a branch by a colorful ribbon. Some of the spoons touch and create their own music and dance. Other spoons do a solo as they dangle and shine and add shadows and lights, to remind us why they are there. Each spoon on The Spoon Tree was put there for a reason. And each one has its very own story.

A Trade for Good: Over 30,000 copies sold the 1st year!
The story of Sera, Jeff, and the kids is a story about love, passion, family, friendship, deceit, hardship, and fighting to get what you want.
Sera meets Jeff because she owes him money; money for a job her husband ordered  and was never done. Sera’s husband is A.W.O.L., but the effects of his selfishness and lack of responsibility unfortunately did not disappear with him. Sera has to pick up the pieces of her broken life while trying to keep her family together. Don’t expect a depressing story line, Sera’s story is filled with real life scenarios and sprinkled with a high dose of humor along the way. Share Sera and Jeff’s story, their quirky relationship, her four children, and a finale that will stay warm and fuzzy within you for many years to come. 420 pages.

A Plan Worth Changing: Nikki is recently divorced after 8 wasted years with a man who never grew up. Because she’s always been good, she decides that now that she’s free, it’s time to shake things up a little. But Nikki’s idea to meet a bad boy and have some fun is met with amusement from those who know her best; it’s just not her style. In her search, Nikki finds something better than bad, she actually finds someone worth keeping. But now that she has, can she tell Ben that her poor choices were just bad luck, even knowing luck had nothing to do with it? 258 pages.

Twenty Questions:  For ten years they ran, hid, and cleaned light bulbs and switches to leave no trace of ever having lived wherever their running took them. For ten years Mary dragged her daughter with her, and Sam never asked why. When she did, her first question wasn’t “Why?” but instead: “Did you kill anyone?”
Mary realizes that the wall she built to protect her daughter is also standing tall and thick between them.
When Sam was little they played a lot of games on their long road trips; a favorite was ‘20 Questions’. The childhood game becomes a tool to bring mother and daughter closer as the mystery behind Mary’s seemingly erratic behavior unravels and the wall Mary built starts to crumble shedding a new light on the dark secrets she’s managed to hide.
20 Questions is a story that unfolds in two parallel tales. The first is of Mary and Sam. The second is of Jack, the FBI’s lead agent on the Whitney kidnapping case, as he befriends Patty Whitney, Mary’s mother-in-law, friend, and accomplice. 300 pages.

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