There is a place where hundreds of spoons hang from two large trees. Each spoon is tied to a branch by a colorful ribbon. Some of the spoons touch to create their own music and dance. Other spoons do a solo as they dangle and shine, adding shadows and lights, to remind us why they are there. Every spoon on The Spoon Tree was put there for a reason, and each has its very own story of love and second chances, family, loyalty, and choosing happiness as its guiding light.

Written in five parts, the stories are told by Abby, Laura, and Meg.

~ Abby’s Story ~ A young grandmother whose life is turned upside down when her daughter (a twin) dies and she is left to raise three grandchildren.
~ Tom and Abby’s Story ~ About finding love when you’re not looking for it, but knowing it would be stupid not to embrace life’s attempt to make things better.
~ A Spoon for Laura ~ The story of Laura, Abby’s other daughter, and her quest to become a whole, when she was always a half in the twin equation.
~ Another Spoon for Meg ~ Tom’s daughter Meg is 31 and at a turning point in her life. She’s not a twin, but she needs to make changes to make her life whole.
~ Laura and Todd’s Story ~ Laura is back to let us know how her story ends, and how life’s bad twists can make somethings really good.