Hi there, and thanks for stopping by.

Take a seat, kick off your shoes, get some coffee, tea, or a glass of wine (I’m not judging) and relax. This site was built for you to see what I’ve written and what’s in the works, as well as ideas that are floating in my head and just dying to go to print.

I love to write. I really do. So chill, enjoy reading, and please share your thoughts with me here, or by email. Let me know what made your pulse beat faster, and what made you laugh. Make it constructive and let’s see where these stories take us.

Thank you,


And just so you know…

~ I’m a lefty ~  My blood type is A+ ~  I’m a vegan ~  I love to knit and draw ~  I hate to cook and clean ~  I’m married ~  I have two college age kids who I’m thrilled to report still need me ~  I am passionate about animals ~ I will protect and defend any underdog (be it canine, human or other kind who doesn’t have a voice) ~ I love to fight for causes and boycott what’s just not right ~  I’m a hippie deep, deep down ~  I love color and use the word “groovy” way too often ~ I love a good book; dialogue fascinates me because it’s not easy when you try to give tone, emotion, and nuance to a whole bunch of letters pieced together just to make a point ~ I love to laugh; I really, REALLY do. And it’s not a delicate, feminine laugh; I really mean it when I laugh ~ Oh, I almost forgot, I also love to write and hear from my readers…

2 thoughts on “Authors Hub

  1. You were on the virtual book tour with me, which I didn’t much participate in, as our internet has been down for over two weeks; however, for some strange reason it has popped back on this afternoon, probably temporary. I should be outside. It’s nice out. I, too, love color. In fact that is what I wrote about in the last NaNoWriMo. I am A-, vegetarian (wish I were vegan, just don’t try hard enough). Glad to meet you.

    1. Yes, I was at the book fair and I started out strong, but then life got in the way… Nice to meet you! I was a vegetarian for about 14 years and became a vegan 2 years ago. I will never go back! For me it was easy to do. I think if it’s a dietary thing it is harder, because it’s ethical for me I see no other choice. My daughter is also a vegan and my son is a vegetarian; my husband is still on the dark side 😉

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