Our Felicity – Coming very soon!

I’m so excited about my new novel and hope you are too!
I loved writing this story, which turned out to be mostly from a dad’s perspective. The story of Felicity begins when Mich learns he has a daughter who is almost 14 years old from a girl who was the love of his life. Elyse and Mich met in Venice, Italy. Their playful banter, great conversations, and common likes and aspirations made them a perfect match. Mich, an architect, was a rising star, and Elyse, was a talented student studying art.
Everything was perfect, and one day Elyse left; she disappeared leaving nothing behind except only for an unfinished canvas of the only painting she did that Mich never liked.
The story goes back and forth between Venice (in the past), and present time in the U.S. You’ll hear Mich and Elyse’s side of the story. Through it all, Mich has to learn to be a dad to a teenager and deal with accepting Elyse back into his life for their daughter. It’s hard to hate someone you still love, and even harder to forgive the person who stole 14 years of your daughter’s life.

Our Felicity-light blue

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