Whoop! Whoop! 1000 Books Downloaded!

With over 1000 (yes, 3 zeros) of my books downloaded this week, I KNOW some of you on here are busy reading them as I write this (unless you’re on the west coast and you’re still sleeping 😉 .
I love writing and hearing from people who inspire me to want to write more, but with the good comes the ugly, and I need your help.
I’m a letters person, not a numbers person, so I don’t understand how this all works, but I’m told that a book can be written, published, purchased and read, and its position in a search or charts will mostly depend on the book’s reviews.
So if you liked a book (and even if you didn’t) please review it – I believe you can do this anonymously to avoid the “ouch” factor. You can just hit some stars (the more the merrier), or write a few words, either way it will allow that mysterious number game to rank an author higher and show up in a search.
This IS the ugly part and I really hate asking, but I’d really appreciate your feedback and I will even provide a link here to make it easier for YOU!


Just find each book you downloaded and read from my FREE offers and RATE it!
In advance,


❤ Bria

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