Our Felicity is NOW AVAILABLE!

A story of DISCOVERY, FORGIVENESS, LOVE, and becoming a FAMILY. Told in the PAST and in the PRESENT by the two people whose lives are ALL about FELICITY.

A story about opposing emotions: love and hate, forgiveness and acceptance, and trying to forget, but refusing to let go of the past. Told mostly from a father’s point of view, Our Felicity is sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but is always filled with Bria’s insight, strong family values, real characters (who have flaws like the rest of us mortals), and an added side of humor and quick wit.

Bria promises that now she will start focusing again on her upcoming novels: Small Town U.S.A. (a series), and The Flip Side of Crazy.

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Our Felicity 4-1-16 w_ gray corrected final


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