My Bedroom

for-blog-dogs-on-bedSo let’s talk about my bedroom but without any of the juicy details (I just lost half of my readers, LOL).

The title, My Bedroom, has to do with a question I was asked earlier today, by one of my readers. She asked, “Where do you do your work?”

The quick answer is my home. I don’t have an office, and I don’t work from my boat (because sadly, I don’t have one). In any case, I work from home, and more specifically, I do most of my writing in my bedroom.

Often authors will talk about their sanctum and that special place where they meditate, think about their writing, or write. My writing sanctum is not so quiet, not so comfy, and never without a gazillion interruptions a gazillion times per day, but I choose it anyway and despite all that.

In my bedroom, I either write with my laptop on the bed, or at my desk. Occasionally I will work from the kitchen, but no matter what or where, I am always surrounded by my pets. Pets who are appropriately referred to these days as companion animals.

Not all of my pets make it to my not so quiet and not so comfy writing sanctum (the fish and crabs stay in their tanks). Mostly it’s my dogs and cats, the occasional bird, but my dogs definitely are always present, and the cats just come and go as they please, as cats often do.

I love being with my animals. And I guess you could say my mutts are my muses because they’re always and ever present whenever I write, and their love and loyalty often give me the inspiration I need.

Right now, I’m writing with three dogs and a cat, on my bed, and by my side.

The four are all stretched out as far as they can go, and occupying a huge chunk of my king size bed.  It’s past 11pm in New York, and they’re taking advantage of the extra space and stretching big before my husband comes in to join me, and before it’s time for us to turn off the lights.

When my husband comes to bed, the dogs and the cat [or cats] will not jump off from the bed. Instead, they’ll bunch up on my side and make me even less comfy than before, but they’ll also make me feel a lot more loved than I could ever be without them.

Just sharing,



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