The Spoon Tree: A Story of Two Families (snippet 1 0f 3)


My Book Snippets showcase a different title as a three-part blog or series.

The Spoon Tree: A Story of Two Families, is my second novel and one I hold dear to my heart. It was written in five parts. Told by Abby, Laura, and Meg, it was originally sold in these four volumes:  Abby’s Story, Tom and Abby’s Story, A Spoon for Laura, Another Spoon for Meg and Laura and Todd’s Story.

 The Story of the Spoons

There’s a place where hundreds of spoons hang from two large trees. Each spoon is tied to a branch by a colorful ribbon. Some of the spoons touch and create their own music and dance. Other spoons do a solo as they dangle and shine and add shadows and lights, to remind us why they are there. Each spoon on The Spoon Tree was put there for a reason. And each one has its very own story.

Book One: Abby’s Story

 When you’re fifty-three and suddenly become a mother to three young grandchildren, there’s little room for anything other than trying to make it through another day. But somehow, and in the midst of facing the loss of a daughter and trying to ease the children’s pain, Abby meets someone who’s not afraid to share the crazy new life she recently acquired.

She met Tom under not so great circumstances (when her sixteen-year-old granddaughter was having her stomach pumped for over-drinking), but that was a onetime thing and Jackie learned her lesson. Jackie is a good girl.

Less than a year before, it was Jackie who locked herself and her younger siblings in a room to keep child services out before calling Gabby (the name the kids gave Abby), to tell her about the accident. And from that day forward, life changed.

Tom knows all about romance. He’s a widower with eight grown children, and only happy memories of a great marriage. For him, going back to paradise and giving romance another go is a dream come true.

For Abby, this is all uncharted territory. But somehow, romance feels comfortable and right as soon as she meets Tom.

This is a story of love and second chances. Of family and loyalty. And, it’s a story of choosing happiness as your guiding light.

The characters in this story love life, family, and really enjoy having fun. They don’t play dumb games. They’re honest, mature and sensitive, and they recognize an opportunity as a gift and cherish it.

One thought on “The Spoon Tree: A Story of Two Families (snippet 1 0f 3)

  1. I read the spoon tree, a very heartwarming story and well written, easy to follow the characters and their own predicament or situation. I enjoyed reading it!

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